Real Estate and Housing Issues Facing Native Americans in Texas

housing-market-native-americansThe housing and real estate industry are growing drastically in Texas and the world in general. New houses are built every day. The selling and buying of real estates have become a common business. While some people acquire their houses and real estates, others hire them. With the high rate of growth in the industry, many challenges are facing it. Some are at individual level, both for property owners and tenets, as well as at the sector level. If the challenges are not properly addressed in time, they may pose a problem to the industry in the near future. The remedy will begin at the individual level to the industry level. Proper measures ought to be found before it is too late. This article aims at discussing some of the real estate and housing issues facing Native Americans in Texas.

Lack of basic accessibility features

A great deal of the homes and real estates in Texas require modifications for access. However, many people especially the old and those with disabilities are not able to afford the modifications. As such, such people are unable to access the homes, a factor which makes the houses and real estates of no significance to them. Plans for the properties should make consideration of such people and thus put in place proper measures to ensure that the people use the properties.

Lack of in-home health solutions 

There is a low supply of health services to the homes in Texas. People who are aged, disable and those with a low income find it hard to access such services. Due to the inadequate supply of in-home health services, the cost of what is available is high. The issues are making life in real estates and homes hard for the above groups. It poses a big risk to those people since they are the most prone to health conditions due to their low conditions of living.

Unavailability of affordable houses

With the increase interest rates for funding and increased cost of construction, the rates for hiring or buying real estates and houses have increased. However, the incomes for the Native Americans in Texas have not increased proportionally. It’s possible to search for a professional assistance in the home search, such as a Realtor in Frisco, TX, but this doesn’t eliminate the problem entirely.  The result is that on a few people cannot afford the houses and real estates at the current prices. Some fail to enjoy such properties because they are not able to pay for them. Moreover, the affordable ones are I high demand; a factor that has caused their prices to keep on increasing. Houses and mortgages rank high in the list of monthly expenses for households. The high costs for housing, and real estates have forced many people to cut their consumption for other products because of the budget constraint.

Disconnecting social ties

The old as well as people with low incomes who cannot drive or are unwilling to, and live in the suburban and rural areas, are forced to remain there for long before they can move out of their residential areas to meet with relatives and friends in other places. Social interaction for some people is limited to their location.

There exist many issues facing the Native Americans as far as real estates and housing are concerned. Proper measures ought to be put in place to make the properties more useful to them.